Creating Solutions Together


State Agencies, Departments & UNL

Nebraska Cooperative Extension Service

Nebraska Dept of Agriculture
– Register Pesticide & Fertilizer Labels
– Registered Pesticides Database
– Application for License to Distribute Pesticides
– Pesticide Applicator Licenses Database
– Pesticide Dealers Database
– FieldWatch

DriftWatch/BeeCheck, a communication tool for reducing instances of pesticide drift. 
DriftWatch™ and BeeCheck™ are online mapping services from FieldWatch that allow those with commercial specialty crops, organic crops and beehives to report their field locations. Farmers and other pesticide applicators can review the website to see where specialty crops are located. Included in the registry are commercial apiary sites, vineyards, orchards, fruit and vegetable grow sites, nursery and Christmas tree production sites and certified organic crops.

Nebraska Development Network – Central Region

Nebraska Dept of Economic Development

Nebraska Dept of Environment and Energy
– Well Water Standards

Nebraska Department of Health & Human Services

Nebraska Legislature

Nebraska Dept. of Motor Vehicles

Nebraska Rural Development Commission

Nebraska Secretary of State – UCC Division
-UCC Financing Statement (UCC1) must be filed with Statutory Attachment
-Universal Attachment to Filing Statutory Liens
-UCC Financing Statement Amendment (UCC3) (to terminate or amend a lien)

Nebraska State Fire Marshal’s Office

Nebraska State Patrol

University of Nebraska IANR

National Associations


Federal Government Agencies

US Dept. of Agriculture
– USDA – Rural Development
– USDA – Natural Res. Conservation Service
– USDA – National Animal Disease Traceability (APHIS) 

US Dept of Transportation

US Environmental Protection Agency
– Container and Containment Rule – details on container and containment rules
Download an EPA brochure (pdf) – Snapshot of the container & containment rules