Creating Solutions Together

Membership in the Nebraska Agri-Business Association helps support your industry in the state of Nebraska. In addition, you’ll receive confidential member email alerts, a subscription to the quarterly magazine “The Nebraska Agri-Business Digest,” a free membership directory (a $150.00 value) and a listing within this handy guide, and special reduced registration rates for conventions, workshops and seminars.

The association sponsors two conventions: The annual Summer Convention complete with a great education and chance to relax on the golf course or at the shooting range with your colleagues. The Nebraska Agri-Business Exposition is the annual trade show for the association held every January. Lots of education available for free with registration to the trade show.

The association provides several workshops and seminars to assist in the education of employees from Anhydrous Safety to our Custom Applicator School and Certification. Visit our calendar of events for more information.

Also, know that the association is here to help you! We’ll assist you in problem-solving. Call or email us anytime!