Creating Solutions Together

As most of you are aware, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released its framework for new regulations, known as the Herbicide Strategy, as they attempt to come into compliance with the Endangered Species Act, passed years ago. The introduction and timeline for these proposed rules are the result of a settled lawsuit brought by environmental groups. As drafted, this 900-page, complex framework would impose an undue burden on all sectors of our industry.

Last week, NeABA submitted comments to the Agency as part of the rule-making process. We also signed on to comments submitted by a coalition of agriculture organizations. The coalition document is highly technical and lengthy and is available on our website.

Last week our DC Leadership group met with the Nebraska delegation to brief them on our concerns. We also had the opportunity to have a good discussion with Rod Snyder, Senior Advisor for Agriculture with EPA. There are multiple moving parts to this framework of rules and many unknowns which we will continue to address on behalf of our members.