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30 Days

In the mid-2000’s, “30 Days” was a reality television series on the FX Channel. Each episode, a person was immersed for thirty days in a totally unfamiliar lifestyle, like working for minimum wage, as a prisoner, or a Christian living as a Muslim. It was uncomfortable to watch.

Friday, the Nebraska Legislature completed the first “30 Days” in this 90-day session. A dozen freshmen senators were immersed. Yes, at times it was uncomfortable to watch.

The Nebraska Economic Forecasting Advisory Board meets Thursday. The Board provides an advisory forecast of general fund receipts that is used by the Legislature to craft the state’s budget. When the Board last met October 26, 2018, they raised revenue projections. Unfortunately, the Treasurer’s report on General Fund Receipts for January 2019 is short of projections. Fingers crossed emoji.

Hearing, March 1: LB162 (Hunt) would eliminate sales and use tax exemptions for body piercing, tattooing, tanning and electrolysis hair-removal. Painful grimace emoji.


Still no movement to advance or kill any bill on our watchlist.