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“Creating Solutions Together”

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  1. Employment Referral Service
  2. Group Health and Dental Insurance Program
  3. Casualty, Liability and Property Insurance Program
  4. Mailing Service Program
  5. Hazardous Material & Information
  6. Cholinesterase Testing Program
  7. Drug & Alcohol Testing Program
  8. Anhydrous Ammonia Nurse & Storage Tank Decals & Markings
  9. Natural Gas Buying Program

Trade Support and Help

  1. Member Problem Solving
  2. University and College Coordination
  3. Public Education
  4. Coordination of other Organizations, both State and Federal
  5. Membership Display Plaque
  6. Awards Program Annually: Media, Education and Industry, Water Guardian, Government Official and STEP
  7. Coordination with CCA (Certified Crop Advisers)

Educational Services

  1. Workshops and Symposiums held throughout State (see our events calendar for details)
  2. Trade Information Clearing House: Books, Films and Brochures
  3. Safety Information about Decals, Placards
  4. Custom Application Certification Program

Government and Legislative Services

  1. Legislative Lobbying: State and Federal
  2. Government Agency Coordination and Monitoring: State and Federal
  3. B.A.S.E. Political Action Committee
  4. Legislative & Governmental Dinner
  5. Leadership Trip to Washington, DC

Committees and Organizations

  1. Board of Directors and Executive Committee
  2. County Chairmen’s Organization
  3. Legislative Committee
  4. Agronomy Committee
  5. Education Committee
  6. Safety Council
  7. Seed Council
  8. Awards Committee
  9. Nominations Committee
  10. Summer Convention Planning Committee
  11. Exposition Planning Committee
  12. Pesticide Review Board
  13. Political Action Committee (B.A.S.E.)


  2. Annual Directory – Purchase Advertise
  3. Action Alerts


  1. Winter Convention – Omaha CenturyLink Center – Industry Agri-Business Trade Show – Exhibit – Attend
  2. Summer Convention – Trade Education and Social Meeting
  3. Area Meetings throughout State of Nebraska

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